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Herndon Speech–Language–Hearing Clinic

We would like to introduce you to Adan. Adan is three years and five months old. He came to the Herndon Clinic for a speech and language evaluation in summer 2012. Adan’s parents were concerned that he could not communicate with other children and was only saying a few words. Adan’s father speaks Spanish and his mother speaks English. They reported that he did not speak either language very well and had a difficult time communicating his wants and needs so others could understand him.

Adan began services in summer 2012 and was part of a group of three little boys. Together the graduate students helped them listen to stories, play games, take turns, and follow directions. Adan made some progress but needed more. His parents enrolled him for individual services for the fall 2012 semester.

Mollie, his graduate clinician, states “I have been helping Adan learn to say his name in both English and Spanish as well as use phrases and short sentences to communicate his wants, needs, and ideas in both English and Spanish. We use a storybook and play–based activities during every session, I have learned so much from Adan. He has taught me that each child is unique and will learn at his/her own pace.” Mollie also mentioned that she enjoyed getting to know Adan’s mother and understands the importance of helping parents help their child. Mollie will often give Adan’s mother ideas that she can use at home to help Adan. Mollie feels fortunate to be working with Adan because she can “brush up” on her own second language skills!

Adan’s mother, Ashley, observes every treatment session and states “Adan can now say his name in English and Spanish and is even asking other people ‘What’s your name?’” Ashley said that Adan “loves coming to the Clinic and says ‘Mommy look, my school. Mommy this way’ and gets upset if I drive in a different direction.”

Adan’s parents are so grateful for the Scottish Rite schlorship that their son receives as he could never participate in services without this financial support.

Ashley says that she feels so good that he is learning what is presented to him and can see he is making progress! She hopes one day that Adan will be able to speak both English and Spanish and will be understood at home and at school.

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